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January 2013

Dr. Yeomans accepting honorary membership in the APsaA (American Psychoanalytic Association)

President Bob Pyles presented Frank Yeomans, M.D., Ph.D. with an honorary APsaA (American Psychoanalytic Association) membership in recognition of his brilliant use of psychoanalytic theory in developing Transference Focused Therapy and his continuing dedication to teaching psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic curricula to generations of students.

February 2011

The American Psychiatric Press has contracted with the PDI to write a new TFP manual that will include a DVD with examples of technique to be included with the book.

A task force with the objective of creating an International Society for TFP (ISTFP) was created in Berlin in November 2010. The task force met in Vienna under the leadership of Stephan Doering, Chair of the Department of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy at the Medical University of Vienna. The Task Force Members are (in alphabetical order): Andres Borzutzky, Peter Buchheim, John Clarkin, Sergio Dazzi, Stephan Doering, Nel Draijer, Karin Ensink, Melitta Fischer-Kern, Pamela Foelsch, Otto Kernberg, Lina Normandin, Peter Schuster, and Frank Yeomans with Maria Rummel for organization. The group had a challenging agenda and accomplished its task. Stephan Doering will soon be sending out a report on the meeting and the next steps to be taken. The next meeting of this task force will take place in September 2011 in New York at the same time as the next International TFP Conference. Please mark September 10 and 11, 2011 in your calendars for this meeting.

We continue to analyze the data from our RCT. We have a paper under review that describes three domains of change for borderline patients across the duration of one year of treatment. The three areas of change are aggression, social functioning, and symptomatic functioning (anxiety, depression, impulsivity). It is most interesting that different pre-treatment patient characteristics predict change in each of the three areas.

Kenneth Levy is in charge of a long-term follow-up of the patients in that study; the follow-up is funded by the American Psychoanalytic Association.

Our current study, under the leadership of John Clarkin, involves 10 cases in TFP for a year who will receive multiple measures of symptoms and psychological functioning as well as fMRI's at the beginning and the end of the year of treatment.

Pamela Foelsch, with Anna Odom and Helen Arena, continues to recruit patients for their study developing modifications of TFP for Adolescents.

This January PDI began training the group of therapists who treat the World Trade Center First Responders. Dr. Fatih Ozbay, the leader of that group, approached us for TFP training because of his group's experience that a significant percentage of their patients have not responded to the other treatment modalities they have tried.

In April a group of psychologists from Sao Paolo, Brazil will come for a week of training at the PDI. Jill Delaney is coordinating their visit. They will be followed at a later date in 2011 by a group of psychiatrists from Sao Paolo.

In May a contingent from the Italian TFP group will return to the PDI for a week.

Our outreach to our foreign colleagues has increased as we now use Skype for regular supervision with colleagues in Canada, Chile, Denmark, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The Personality Disorders Institute TFP supervision group was approved as an elective for advanced candidates at the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center.

In September Frank Yeomans MD will be teaching at the Finnish Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Association and the Finnish Student Health Service. In October he and Otto Kernberg will participate in launching a new 2-year training in Canada sponsored by our colleagues Lina Normandin, Louis Diguer, André Renaud, Stéphane Sabourin, Karin Ensink, and Johanne Dubreuil. Otto and Frank will also travel to Turkey in October to continue the TFP training there.

Monica Carsky was appointed to the faculty of the New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy where she will teach a course (an analytic introduction to two structured therapies for personality disorders) on TFP and DBT.

Eric Fertuck will represent TFP on two panels at the ISSPD meeting in Melbourne next month, both as part of multiple perspectives on a single case. Eric also represented TFP at the last ISSPD meeting.

Jill Delaney, Past President of the Connecticut Society of Psychoanalytic Psychology is organizing a conference to be jointly hosted by the Western New England Psychoanalytic Society in the Fall of 2011; Frank Yeomans will discuss TFP on a panel comparing different psychoanalytic approaches.

We have continued to welcome a steady stream of visitors to the PDI, including Elsa Ronningstam from Harvard, a repeat visit from the Danish Forum with Niels Ole-Doessing, and Sergio Dazzi and Alvise Orlandini from the Parma group. We continue to have a full house of foreign fellows from countries ranging from Chile to India.

In April Frank Yeomans MD, PhD will be teaching again at the British Psychological Society in London and return to Manchester to complete the training there. Ten of that group of approximately 40 have begun supervision Skype or by phone. Frank Denning has been coordinating the teaching in the UK. Richard Rushe, who initiated the interest in TFP in the UK along with Frank, was accepted as a staff psychotherapist at the Tavistock training program and hopes to develop TFP there.

In Amsterdam, Nel Draijer and Jos van Mosel completed the first cycle of the 2-year TFP training sponsored by the Netherlands Psychoanalytic Institute.

Barry Stern PhD, Eric Fertuck PhD, and Frank Yeomans MD, PhD continued to teach TFP for Borderline and Narcissistic patients in the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy program of the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center.

Eve Caligor MD has established TFP as part of the curriculum of the psychiatry residency training program at NYU-Bellevue Hospital. Eve, Frank Yeomans, and Ben Davidman teach a course for the 3rd year residents. Barry Stern has begun a TFP supervision group that was requested by the 4th year residents.

Eve Caligor MD gave grand rounds at McLean/Harvard, a lecture at the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute and grand rounds at the Shephard Pratt Hospital during the past year. She gave grand rounds at Lenox Hill Hospital this month and will be teaching in Finland in early 2012.

Klaus Schmeck and Susanna Schlueter-Mueller were in New York in September. Another workshop is planned in Basel during the week of April 12th.

Diana Diamond will be speaking on attachment patterns and the treatment of severe personality disorders at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis in Washington and on attachment and reflective function in severe personality disorders at the Western New England Psychoanalytic Institute in New Haven.

November 2010

This Fall in New York, Frank Yeomans MD, PhD gave this year's Master Class seminar for the Association of Psychoanalytic Medicine of the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center.

Pamela Foelsch presented a workshop at SOPNIA in October.

This Fall Diana Diamond had an enthusiastic response to her teaching at two universities in Hong Kong.

Diana Diamond and Frank Yeomans delivered a paper on attachment issues in the therapy of borderline patients at the annual meeting of the New York State Psychological Association Division of Psychoanalysis.

John Clarkin gave an invited presentation at a large psychiatric congress in Rome. He presented on the proposed DSM 5 section on the personality disorders, and used our own STIPO as an example of guiding the assessment of patients with personality disorder. While in Rome, John worked with Professor Ammaniti on an adaptation of the adult STIPO for adolescents, called the STIPO-A.

John Clarkin, after his 14th August in London co-leading the psychoanalytic research training with Peter Fonagy, had an extended visit in the fall at the Psychotherapy Institute in Baramaglou, Turkey. This institute is planning a full program in TFP training with Otto Kernberg and Frank Yeomans as well as John over the next 2 years.