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The Center for Transference-Focused Psychotherapy

Structured Interview of Personality Organization – Revised (STIPO-R)

By John F. Clarkin, Eve Caligor, Barry Stern, & Otto F. Kernberg

April 2017

STIPO–R — We are pleased to announce that the Structured Interview of Personality Organization – Revised (STIPO-R) is now available for use in clinical settings. The STIPO-R Score Form begins on page 62 of the PDF and is also available as a separate PDF.

The STIPO-R was developed over the past several years, and reflects our effort to select the most effective items from the original STIPO item pool based on both our collective experience using the STIPO in research settings, and our analyses of data from several of the original STIPO samples. The STIPO-R contains 55 items, and thus represents a more efficient, brief method for assessing our model of personality than the original STIPO. Several changes to the content of the STIPO-R are also noteworthy, specifically, the elimination of the items reflecting frank reality testing and reality testing as a distinct domain of the STIPO, and the addition of a narcissism domain.

STIPO — The original STIPO is also available for download. The interview begins on page 9 of the PDF. The Score Form is a separate document.

Translation and Validation — We are asking that anyone interested in translating the STIPO-R into another language please contact Dr. Barry L. SternTranslation proposals must be linked to a plan to conduct a reliability / validity study of the translated STIPO-R.  Approval for translation / validation will be given at the discretion of the STIPO-R copyright holders, with preference given to groups comprised of individuals with sufficient training and experience in the conduct of empirical research, and familiarity with psychodynamic assessment methods.  Each group must submit via e-mail a letter of intent to translate / validate the STIPO-R, which should contain the following:

  1. A list of all collaborating researchers, including titles and academic affiliations; and,
  2. A brief description of the research training and experience of the lead investigators.

After review, we will reach out to everyone who inquired informing them of the process for moving forward with translation and future research.  This may involve, for example, granting permission to translate / validate the interview, or requesting that one or more groups from a given country / language collaborate on a translation and validation study.  For each group approved to translate and/or conduct a validation study of the STIPO-R, we will require a signed agreement stipulating several conditions for the translation and research, including the use of certain instruments common to all the existing validation studies, and a commitment to share the data with our STIPO-R team based in New York which includes Drs. John Clarkin, Eve Caligor, and Barry Stern, Emanule Preti (Italy) and Suzanne Hoerz and Stephan Doering (Germany/Austria).

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